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If you are looking for a remodel or rebuild project, then call the experts at Prime Plumbers, because we know how to select and install just about every plumbing related item you can think of.

Fixture Replacement
Not every project is a major remodel, if you need to replace fixtures one at a time or for a staged improvement, not a problem, we can fit around your schedule. As we are in the trade working with all types of fixtures on a daily basis, we can let you know which ones are more reliable than others.

bathroom fixtures installedInstallation
When it comes to new installation work, it is a good idea to speak with us at the beginning of your planning stage. Plumbing and pipe layout is a fundamental part of any new major installation, and it makes sense to get the plumbing layout right at the beginning. With new installation, either for new construction, remodeling or additions allows easy access for new pipes and fixtures. Moving kitchen or bathroom fittings and units after the planning stage is always more difficult than you would think. Making pipe layout changes after construction is complete is a very costly business, so it is best to consult at an early stage with an installation expert. Whether you are planning new construction, additions or remodeling, we can help with the design and installation of new plumbing fixtures.
Typical installation services include:

Pipe Installation
For new construction and additions, you need to make informed decisions about what type of plumbing materials your installation will use. We can help design and layout a trouble-free system.

New Appliance Install
Have an expert plumbing technician quickly and efficiently install your new appliances, We will check existing fittings to pro-actively prevent any unexpected water leaks.

Call us before starting any major remodeling project, as one of the biggest causes of cost overruns with kitchen and bathroom installs is having to go back and make changes when the units and fixtures are already in place. Let us help you plan your kitchen, or bathroom, so it is done right first the time. By looking at the locations of the existing units or bathroom fixtures, your plumber will be able to save you money planning the location of the new ones.

Don’t forget if you are planning new construction, additions or remodeling, we can help with the design and installation of new plumbing fixtures for any remodel work you are looking at.

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