Roswell Plumbing Services

If you need to get Roswell Plumbing assistance, you need someone who is reliable, somebody you can count on, and who will supply a professional service.

By having many years serving homeowners in Fulton County, we are confident you will be satisfied with our service.

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If you are thinking about choosing a plumber in Roswell, you most likely have a bunch of questions.

– Do they have prior experience?

– Will they arrive on schedule?

– Will they do the job right the very first time, or will they have to come again to deal with it?

– Do they have insurance and certificates?

Roswell Plumbing

Roswell Plumbing Services

As experienced Roswell plumbers, Prime Plumbers have served many local home owners with expert residential plumbing services for all sorts of repairs and installations.

And we’re sure we can assist you.

You will be pleased to find we are a different type of contractor.

We like to consider we offer the best plumbing service in Roswell, but our clients will decide that.

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We aim to be the plumbing service that your family and friends can always call, and so ensure every job we do is completed to your total satisfaction.

The only real way to have a happy long term relationship with our customers is to treat you as a part of the family.

In fact we guarantee it with our Prime Five Point Plumbing Guarantee:

Your highly trained plumber will be on time

Your plumber will be clean, polite and be respectful

We will agree a price at the beginning, so there are no nasty shocks

Whatever the service time of day our price will be the same

The work will be done right, or we will return and fix it

This is most definitely what you would really want from your plumber


In Roswell various things can go wrong around your house, and our professional technicians can fix almost all of them. No matter if it is a broken pipe, leaking sink or faucet, blocked drain or toilet, or a broken hot water heater, we can help.

The very last thing you want with a plumbing problem is an amateur to make things worse, luckily you can trust us to do a high quality job.

If you need an emergency plumber for an urgent problem like a clogged toilet or smelly drain, we can normally schedule a service immediately.


We have all had some trouble in the past with toilets.
There seem to be numerous different ways a toilet can break.
Perhaps the flush handle has broken or snapped, or the bowl itself is unbolted and is moving when sat on.

Lot of times the toilet is operating continuously, wasting water, or the refill tank is overflowing.

Of course toilet clogs or blockage are all too common.

Whatever the circumstance, we can effect a toilet repair job at your convenience.

Our most common plumbing repairs involve toilet blockages, leaking toilets, leaky faucets, leaking faucets, clogged sinks, broken waste disposal systems, jammed shut-off valves, burst pipes, low water pressure issues, hot water tank troubles, and faulty heaters.

Often in a very busy family home, issues arrive in the bathroom and kitchen sink getting clogged with everyday items, such as soap, hair and grease.
Small children also love to toss toys down toilets.

Whenever it comes to full service plumbing, we have you covered.

Our plumbers are happy to offer services to repair water lines, reline drains, repipe systems, fix problems with water pressure, repair and install all types of water heater, repair or replace all types of gas or water lines.

Whether the plumbing issue is large or small, residential or commercial, our plumbers are dedicated to fix or repair any problem.

We are not dedicated to a particular brand of products and we have know-how about all major manufacturers like Delta, American Standard, Delta, Kohler, Pfister, Kraus, Gerber, Toto and others beside.

Whatever your need, ranging from a small repair, emergency plumbing or major remodel, we can help with plumbing repairs.

For a remodel of a kitchen or bathroom, we work closely with our customers to make sure your project flows without problems.

Our licensed and insured professionals take pride in their services, and you will be given installation services that will make you smile.

Our years of experience comes in useful when there are a wide variety of fixtures to install and plumb in, from baths, tubs, to sinks to showers and tankless water heater units.

If you need to replace fixtures one at a time or do a whole remodel, we can scale the service to what you want.

Contact us in advance of any major project and we can help with the bathroom or kitchen design and pipe layout.

Our licensed and insured professionals take pride in their work, and you will receive outstanding service.

We’ve seen every variety of fixture known to man, and we’ve help install them, too.

No matter if you need a single fixture replaced, or a whole kitchen or bathroom remodel, we can provide a suitable fixture service.

We can fix or repair pretty much any residential or commercial fitting varying from very small repairs to a larger scale office or workplace.

Our services include kitchen & bath fixtures, residential & commercial faucets repair and replacement, food waste disposers, toilets, water filtration, tub and shower upgrades.

Everyone has their own choice for different brands, whether price conscious or premium quality demanding, we have the expertise to install and service most brands.

We are experts in repairing hot water heaters of all types including gas and electric models.

At no charge we will inspect your current system and find out the reason for the problem.
We will give you the options for repair or replacing the hot water heater.

Many years of experience in water heater repair service allow our technicians to diagnose water heater problems irrespective of make or manufacturer.

When installing a new system, you want one that will give many years of trouble free service, so we only use the very best quality parts.


Plumbing system Sewer Line Inspection via aA video camera can be used to inspect an underground sewer line without having to dig a deep trench.

A video camera connected to a fiber optic cable travels along pipes and drains.

These video cameras have very high resolution and the plumbing technician can easily identify blockages, corrosion, leaking joints and cracks.

No matter what type of drainage issues you have, we can get water running again.

When it comes to drain cleaning, blocked drains, clogged sinks, clogged tub and shower drains, drain clean out and installation call us for service.

We are well geared up to handle large jobs including sump and ejector pumps, discharge piping, ejector pumps, high water alarms and floor drains.

We cover the ZIP Codes around Roswell GA: 30075, 30076, 30022, 30004, 30009, 30350 and 30077.

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